For this year's exhibition

Guangdong (Tanzhou) International
Convention and Exhibition Center, Foshan
Date: November 27 - 30, 2018

Aluminum sophisticates industry, craftsmanship calls for dedication

Advantage 1:
The “One Belt and One Road” Initiative leads to an age of strong demand for aluminum processing.
In the coming years, the consumption of industrial aluminum material will remain in a rapid growth, among which medium and high-end products will play a leading role. China is a developing country in the middle of industrialization and the following 2-3 decades are deemed as a key period to ascend to the family of moderately developed countries and realize its 3rd strategic goal. Considering the new opportunities gifted to aluminum processing industry by the “One Belt and One Road” Initiative and the imperative growth of demands for environmental-friendliness and lightweight,China will create a broader market for high-end aluminum material processing. Also, CAR (Center For Automotive Research) predicts that 96% auto projects will use aluminum in the manufacturing of white car body and relevant applications by 2030.

Advantage 2:
Foshan is the capital of aluminum material founded on over 10,000 product segments.
In March 2017,Foshan Nanhai Aluminum Brand was once again listed in Top 30 Regional Manufacturing Brands, Top 100 Most Valuable Regional Brands and Top 30 Most Potential Regional Brands, thanks to its potential value of 35.153 billion yuan and brand value of 16.233 billion yuan.

Aluminium doors and windows industry, a traditional competitive industry of Nanhai District in Foshan, emerged at first as a supportive part for aluminum material industry. And Dali Town, regarded as the “China’s First Town specialized in Aluminum Material”, has now gradually extended to both upstream and downstream sectors of the aluminum material industry and built a complete industry chain of aluminum processing after 30 years’ industrial innovation and transformation. As a result, a segment market with over 10,000 products is established. China, as the world largest aluminum material producer and consumer, serves buyers from all over the world where its industrial intensity is mainly located in Guangzhou and Foshan, which has consolidated the unchallenged brand influence of the Foshan aluminum processing market in the industry.

Advantage 3:
Deutsche Messe AG joins hands with D•PES in presenting the International Aluminum Show 2018 and Metal+ Tech 2018.
Covering an area of 13,000m2, the China Blech 2017 (under the theme of stamping, cutting, bending and welding of sheet metal, as well as deep processing of aluminum), came to a successful conclusion at Guangdong (Tanzhou) International Convention and Exhibition Center (GICEC) on September 9. This exhibition attracted nearly hundred equipment manufacturing enterprises and was well supported and well received by leaders in this industry including Pratic, HEGA Machinery and Haomei Aluminum. In 2018, Deutsche Messe AG partners with Guangzhou Xuanhua Exhibition Co., Ltd. (D PES), to present the International Aluminum Show 2018. The exhibition is expected to be held in an area 30,000 m2 and attract more than 40,000 trade visitors, which generates a new round of win-win cooperation.

Product Category

Primary Aluminium

  1. Aluminium ingot for remelting
  2. Aluminium bar
  3. Aluminium sheet
  4. Aluminium foil
  5. Aluminium-based alloy
  6. Aluminium strip
  7. Aluminium tube
  8. Aluminium wire

Aluminum Material

  1. Aluminum material for construction
  2. Industrial aluminum material
  3. Aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls
  4. Custom-made aluminum material
  5. Aluminium bar and aluminum square for decoration and display

Deep Processing of Aluminum

  1. Aluminum melting equipment
  2. Extrusion equipment
  3. Foundry equipment/die-casting equipment
  4. Surface treatment and coating
  5. Rolling, drawing and sizing
  6. Drilling and tapping
  7. Measuring and testing
  8. Stamping and cutting
  9. Mould designing and manufacturing
  10. Light metal trading and recycling

Aluminum Product and Application

  1. Aluminum product
  2. Aluminum semiproduct
  3. Aluminum semi-synthetic
  4. Other application of aluminum


Deutsche Messe AG
Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd
Guangzhou Xuanhua Exhibition Co.,Ltd.(D·PES)

Hall Plan

After Show Report


It’s great to have this International Aluminum Show in the Guangzhou-Foshan region. As a local enterprise in Foshan, we’re more than glad to have a direct contact with such a professional exhibition, which saves us numerous logistics and travel costs. In the meantime, we could make an factory-visit appointment immediately on site of the show for the buyers. The first exhibition managed to attract quite a few aluminum processing enterprises in Guangdong province, and what’s worth praising is the meticulous service of the organizer. We expect the participation of more primary aluminum enterprises in the future to promote a benign competition and help create a more professional aluminum processing show.

Foshan Pratic CNC Science & Technology Co., Ltd

The establishment of Guangdong (Tanzhou) International Convention & Exhibition Center has been stimulating the needs of Foshan market and relevant local enterprises. No doubt that industrial users in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Zhuxi area are highly concentrated in which contains a huge market value. We have also been benefited greatly from participating in the exhibition from the organizer’s invitation. In addition, all the trade visitors are quite professional. Though the number of participants remains to be increased for the first session, its infinite potential is foreseeable. May the International Aluminum Show more successful in the future.

Jiangmen Intin CNC Co., Ltd.


It’s a great pleasure to attend the first International Aluminum Show held locally in Foshan as a group at the invitation of the organizer. It’s a worthwhile trip seeing distinctive brand new pavilions, high standard facilities and plenty of representative enterprises in the aluminum industry. Coming to suggestions, we expect more convenient shuttle buses and more media coverage so as to attract more buyers from South China, or even from the whole country and the world.

Aluminum Processing Industry Association of Sanshui District, Foshan

It’s delightful to have a communication with some regular customers and suppliers who have also show us their new equipments and technologies, which will lead to a further cooperation. Many thanks for the invitation of the organizer who has made clear and eye-catching signs and convenient parking lots for self-driving visitors. Our industry colleagues and we would love to see such a professional exhibition to be held in Shunde, Foshan once a year. Looking forward to meeting all again in the next year!

China Fangda Group Co., Ltd.

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